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Simple Idea to Six Figure Deal in Six Weeks
Категория: Уроки, Видео Уроки | Опубликовал(а): michaa47 | 15 03 2019

Simple Idea to Six Figure Deal in Six Weeks

Simple Idea to Six Figure Deal in Six Weeks
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 1.5 hours | Size: 1.37 GB
Passive Income with Little Money Down

What you'll learn

How to make passive income from ANYWHERE with nothing more than an internet connection and a simple idea
How to brainstorm the next BIG hit that will sell like crazy using simple idea generation techniques
How to connect with some of the largest companies across the world and have them say YES to licensing your idea
How to negotiate like a PRO and secure a licensing deal that will set you on the path to financial freedom


You do not need to be a genius. Licensing for passive income is a strategy that absolutely anyone can do
Students will need a computer, an internet connection and a phone for overseas calls
A willingness to learn and an hour each week (even if your hour is broken up into 10 minutes lots)


Have you every come up with a good idea for a new product and wished you could turn that product into a pile of cash with next to no effort and next to no cash out of pocket?

Everyone has good ideas and we're sure you're no different.

However, a good idea won't find its way onto the shelf without an easy to follow step-by-step guide.

This course will unlock for you the potential of licensing your simple idea to well-known global brands. Licensing is the best kept secret of the millionaire elite, but is truly one of the simplest ways to generate passive income for life.

Receive CHEQUES in your mailbox instead of BILLS by licensing your simple IDEAS for PASSIVE income!

Consider this.

Investment properties are generally the 'go to' when it comes to generating passive income. However, the minimum you would have to spend to make a good financial return is upwards of $200,000 straight out of your back pocket. On the other hand, licensing your simple idea can be done for less than $1,000 and has the potential to generate more passive income than that $200,000 investment property!

Does this sound too good to be true?

It's not. We've done it.

In the space of just 6 short weeks we brainstormed a unique idea, spent just $1,000, and licensed our concept to one of the largest novelty product companies in the United States.

So What is Licensing for Passive Income in a Nutshell?

Licensing allows the stay at home mum, single mum, the full time student, or everyday worker on the 9-5 grind an opportunity to license simple concepts to large companies across the globe in exchange for a cut of every product they sell. Licensing means these global companies will manufacture and market your product to their thousands and thousands of loyal customers.

There is a misconception out there that you need an expensive prototype that breaks the bank. We can happily tell you that is not the case. All of our licensed concepts have been achieved with nothing more than a simple idea, a couple of design renders that wowed our licensees and a budget of less than $1,000.

In this Course, You'll Learn:

How to brainstorm the next BIG idea

How to SELL your idea to potential licensees with a budget of less than $1,000

How to get in the door and get your idea NOTICED by the largest companies

How to negotiate a WINNING licensing deal that allows you to kick back and receive cheques in the mail

How to LEVERAGE the resources of your licensee to make passive income for many years to come

Who this course is for:

Are you a stay at home mum looking for an income steam that won't take time away from looking after your children? - This course is for YOU!
Are you a single mum struggling to pay the bills? - This course is for YOU!
Are you a student snowed under by student debt? - This course is for YOU!
Are you a stressed worker tied down by the 9-5 grind? - This course is for YOU!

Simple Idea to Six Figure Deal in Six Weeks

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