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PhotoshopCAFE - Actions and Automation in Photoshop
Категория: Компьютерный мир » Видео | Опубликовал(а): grayf24 | 14 02 2010

PhotoshopCAFE - Actions and Automation in Photoshop
English | 110 Mins | 960x600 | VP6F | 8fps 737kbps | MP3 96kbps | 568MB

Al Ward

Learn the automated workflow.

110 Minutes of training from the world's foremost expert on actions. Al has created more than 100,000 actions commercially over 10 years!

This is the first time he has ever revealed his workflow on video, What a treat.

Imagine never having to do the same thing twice in Photoshop! Record an action once and use it over and over again. You will learn all there is to know about creating and using actions. Then really kick it into high-gear and learn all about batch processing. You can apply actions to thousands of images automatically.

This means that your computer is doing all the work, while you are away doing something else. For the first time ever, Actions Guru, Al Ward shares all his secrets on actions and automation. You will be amazed at the things you can do with actions!

This fast loading DVD ROM contains 110 minutes of brand new sharp video. The advanced interface allows the user to instantly jump to any of the 39 lessons with complete control over the playback, so you can follow along at your own pace! Free bonus actions are included on the disk

If you are looking to slash your worktime; photographer, scrapper, designer or hobbyist; this disk is for you!

Let your computer do the work for you!

The Author

Al Ward, a certified Photoshop Addict and Webmaster of Action FX Photoshop Resources (Product homepage:>>) hails from Missoula, Montana. A former submariner in the U.S. Navy, Al now spends his time writing on graphics related topics and creating add-on software for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Elements.

Al is the author of a number of books including Photoshop Type FX Gone Wild, Photoshop for Right Brainers and Al Ward’s Photoshop Productivity Toolkit. Al is the Co-Author (with Colin Smith) of ‘Photoshop Most Wanted 1 and 2. He has been a featured columnist in Web Designer magazine, and contributor to Practical Web Projects magazine. He has been a writer for Photoshop User Magazine, and writes for several Photoshop related websites including the National Association of Photoshop Professional’s Official Website, Graphics.com and PhotoshopCAFE .

Al was a panelist at the Photoshop World 2001 Los Angeles Conference, and contributes to the official NAPP website as the Actions area coordinator.

All Lessons

Geting started


This clip gives you a basic introduction to Actions and Photoshop’s automation and recording features.

Actions Panel

In this clip I demonstrate how to access the Actions panel.

Panel Modes

The Actions Menu has a number of useful controls for recording, playing, editing and loading actions.

Playback modes

There are 2 different modes the Actions Panel can assume: Button Mode and Edit/List mode. These features are covered here.

Action Sets

What is the difference between an Action Set and an Action? Let’s find out.

Loading sets

In order to play an action, it must be plugged into Photoshop.

Toggle Commands

Learn how to turn commands in an action on and off.


The Actions Panel has a number of controls for recording and editing actions.

Controls pt 2

Many of the Action recording and playback functions are also accessed via the Actions Panel Menu.

Remove actions

Actions and Action Sets are easily removed and replaced in the Actions Panel.

Making Actions

Playback actions

Let’s look at Action playback ‘in action’.

Create Action

Create a simple action: Part 1

Create action pt 2

Create a simple action: Part 2

Create action pt3

Create a simple action: Part 3

Test Action

Once created, an Action should be tested to ensure it is working properly.

Duplicate Action

You may choose to duplicate some commands in your actions: here’s how.

Rename / resave

Duplicating Actions and Commands: Part 2

Building Sets

Time to build your own Action Set.

Stop Message

Stop messages help to guide the way with additional information.

Playback Stop

There are times you may want to stop an action before it is finished. Here’s how.

Pause Command

This shows how to pause an action at certain steps or commands.

Add to Actions

Adding new commands to actions.

Actions making Actions

Using actions as foundations for new actions is a popular trick. Allow me to demonstrate.

Batch Processing

Batch Process

Tying Actions to Batch Processing increases productivity and saves time. The next 4 videos show you exactly.

Batch Process pt 2

Batch Processing, Part 2

Batch Process pt 3

Batch Processing, Part 3

Batch Process pt 4

Batch Processing, Part 4


Similar to Batch Processing, Droplets are wonderful time savers for ‘Power Users’.

Actions Tricks

Inset Menu Item

Insert menu commands into actions using the Insert Menu Item feature.

Combining Actions

Combine Actions with other actions to double their power!


Watermarking photos is a highly sought after function. Actions allow you to do this with one click of the mouse.

Watermarks pt2

Use Batch to watermark hundreds or even thousands of images while you are away from your computer!

Action as text

Save an action as a text file and print your own Photoshop tutorials.

Automation Features

Photoshop has additional automation features other than actions: we’ll look at them here.


Re-record commands for some interesting Action variations.


Action Examples

Action Examples - Part 1

Action Examples pt 2

Action Examples - Part 2

Action Examples pt 3

Action Examples - Part 3

Action FX site

Visit ActionFx.com for over 125,000 Actions, Brushes, Shapes and other Photoshop presets!

Our Easy to Use Interface is the best in the industry

Product homepage:>>

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